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new furnace burnersLooking for a new furnace in Calgary? Please browse our web-site and be sure to give our service expert: Cougar Technical Services LTD a call for any questions you may have.

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Calgary Furnace Replacement

In Calgary, when planning any type of major renovation in your home, its a good idea to start with the basic and extremely important mechanical areas of your home. One of which we will cover in this web-site. Be sure to check our other consumer tip sites such as:

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Best Calgary Furnaces

Is there such a thing? What to look for:

  • Can it be repaired quickly? When purchasing a new furnace, you want to be sure local Calgary furnace contractors are trained to service the new furnace in the event of a breakdown. You may pay less for a furnace that seems as good as a more popular brand, but you will most certainly pay more for repairs if a contractor cannot be found to service and repair or even get repair parts when needed.
  • What are the trouble reports on the model you are interested in? Thanks to the internet, you can easily do a search for the brand and model you are interested in to see if any other consumers have had serious issues with their purchases. Check blogs, remember, try and distinguish if the problems identified are contractor related or product related.
  • What is the warranty like for the brand name and model you are purchasing? Some manufactures have a "manufactures warranty" that will cover parts and labor, some will only cover parts and not labor, some manufactures may require you to submit the parts for a rebate, meaning you will have to pay the repair contractor and then submit the parts for a rebate.
  • Will your new furnace be given manufactures support? Manufactures support can be a life saver when faced with a warranty issue, or a repair after the warranty is expired. We suggest that you research the furnace manufactures website for support in your province and city. On-line availability of important literature such as owner’s manuals will help keep the cost of ownership of your new furnace low.


New Furnace Installations Serving Calgary and Areas


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new furnaces for Calgary Alberta

Things to look for

Q - What Size of furnace do I need?
    A - Sizing of your new furnace depends on a few different factors, the type of house or space you are trying to heat. If you have secondary heating sources i.e. in-slab heating, electric baseboards, fireplaces.

Q - Should I spend the extra dollars for the highest efficiency furnace currently on the market?
    A - If you have already or will soon be replacing your windows and insulation through-out your home to the latest energy efficiency, then upgrading to the best furnace is a very real option for you.

Q - Who is qualified to replace my furnace?
   A - The City Of Calgary Requires a Gas Fitter to pull a permit on your furnace replacement. A qualified Sheet metal Mechanic may also be required if duct work is being altered.

Q - Is there a City of Calgary Inspection authority that inspects the finished work of a new furnace install?
   A -  Yes, any replacement or alteration of your furnace or duct work requires a qualified trades person related to the work your undertaking. IE all new furnaces and furnace replacements require a permit from the City Of Calgary.

Q - Can a home owner do a furnace replacement himself?
   A - No, the City Of Calgary requires that any gas appliance must be have a permit and be inspected. A new gas furnace requires a gas permit to replace. This type of permit can only be acquired by a person that holds the certification and requirements set forth by the City and province.